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The origin of Cayo Saetia

At the beginning of the XX century the peninsula of Entrecascos was cut artificially for a channel of 100 m of built longitude to unite the bays of Levisa and Cabonico, facilitating the sailing. This way arose Cayo Saetía, name that was given to the portion that was separates of main island.

Cayo Saetía Bridge

Cayo Saetia like many of the islands that surround to the island of Cuba was in the past refuge of smugglers, escaped slaves and rebellious, at the present time they center their economic activity in the fishing and the tourism in diverse variants.

The small island was preserved practically virgin and to increase the variety of its fauna some species of other countries of tropical climate they were introduced as antelopes, zebras, deer, buffalos, enormous macaw of some incredible colors among others. This way with the time Cayo Saetia became the domestic more extensive and more varied Limit of Hunt.

Cayo Saetia Zebras

With the peak of the tourism and the natural potentialities and scenic of Cayo Saetia you builds in the installation of the Villa Cayo Saetía under the administration and supervision of the Gaviota Corporation and conditions were created to offer offers of diving activities and other aquatic activities and as main attraction the trips like jeep-safaris and walks.