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Cayo Saetia Fauna

The fauna of this island is very diverse, virgin stays and is formed by endemic species, and other species of tropical regions among those that stands out the presence of deer of white line, zebras, antelopes, boars, buffalos, ostriches, real turkeys, zebras, tocororos, macow, antelopes, hutias and wild bulls that were introduced here.

Cayo Saetia MacowCayo Saetia Ñandu

Also they exist in this natural place, dozens of varieties of birds that cohabit in this portion of the archipelago with other species of migratory character in several times of the year.

Cayo Saetia ZebrasCayo Saetia Buffalos

If you travel the territory to horse one can enjoy in Cayo Saetia an inoffensive African fauna savanna that has been acclimatized here and lives in absolute freedom.

The key is skirted by an exceptional coralline barrier for those who enjoy the diving.