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Cayo Saetia Events

Expedition of Cayo Confites

Fidel arrive swimming to Saetia Key a night of July of 1947.

Memorial in Cayo Saetia

Fidel counted after when they were thrown they made in a raft. But a patrol boat detected them and they hit them the focuses and shots dropped.

He said bullets for up and sharks for under and preferred the sharks, Saetía swimed until the coast of Key, where they got lost in the mount, era at dawn, until they arrived at the house of a fisherman and east took out them in a boat up to Four Road, in the Mayarí municipality, and after a lot of work they arrived to Birán

Corynthia Yacht disembark in Cayo Saetia

May 19, when they leave from Miami going to Cuba 27 youths, some belonging to the Authentic Organization, directed by the former president Carlos Prío Socarrás, but that they came with longings from fighting against Cambric.

Unfortunately, they beached in Saetía. The arrival took place the day 23 in hours of the afternoon. Inexpert totally in the land, they received the help of some fishermen to cross the bay Cabonico and this way they arrived to mainland, exactly to a point called Dos Bays.