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Cayo Saetia

Cayo Saetia is an island formed artificially at the beginning of the XX century when cutting the Entrecascos peninsula for a channel of some 100m of longitude built to unite the bays of Levisa and Cabonico with the purpose of facilitating the sailing between both points. It is located in the Nipe Bay, in the North coast of Cuba, it belongs to the Mayarí municipality in the oriental province of Holguín.

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For their natural securities this area has been incorporate to the National System of Protected Areas of Cuba with the Natural Park category. The access to Cayo Saetia is carried out for the marine, air road (using a helicopter) or simply in a means of terrestrial transport through the small drawbridge that unites it with the main island.

Cayo Saetia is an uninhabited place that even conserves its wild environment in an almost virgin state that offers the unique opportunity to carry out a safari among the forest under a conception of Natural Park.

It possesses 12 almost virgin beaches and a sea that it seems a peaceful lagoon where the surf is hardly a caress. You laud lovers of the diving they can enjoy an extensive coralline barrier that skirts the coast of the Key.

Their dense vegetation arrives almost until the fine and white sand, giving the image of a lost oasis amid a blue sea.

The hunt in Cayo Saetia is carried out in strict observance of the established regulations, so much national as international, to avoid to damage the habitat of the area and to preserve the natural environment.